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Why hire a professional organizer? Part 2

In my last blog post I discussed some of the benefits of hiring a professional organizer, which were saving yourself time & energy. Next, I want to talk discuss the life long value & where to begin when it comes to getting yourself and your space organized!

You know that feeling when you have so much on your to-do list, like I mean so much to where you don’t even BEGIN?! Thats basically how majority of my clients feel when it comes to getting their house or space organized. They feel paralyzed by the idea of taking the next step to make a change, but unfortunately some people just learn to live with the mess until they are forced to make a change. They know they need to make a change, but creating a goal, a game-plan and the first step is mentally taxing, let alone staying motivated after that first step! Professional organizers help facilitate this journey with you, they should discuss your needs, must-haves & nice-to-haves when it comes to your organizing goals. As everyones goals are different & unique to their everyday living and lifestyle. Discussing out loud with an unbiased person what you ideally want in your home or space is freeing! There is no pressure, and a lot of time you begin to uncover new goals or an ‘aha moment’ when brainstorming what you envision. Having someone write down your goals with you, assist in making that first BIG step, creating a to-do list & most importantly keeping that motivation with constant follow-up is priceless!

The KonMari Method is a minimalism-inspired approach to tackling your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room.

For those that have watched the new #Netflix hit, #tidyingupwithmariekondo, you’ve now witnessed the emotional, physical & behavioral toll lack of organization and #clutter is taking on people. Their day-to-day living, relationships, communication, & lifestyle is not up to par. At least one person cries on every episode, someone falls or trips over something & another is angry or frustrated because they have had it! They are done with the mess, realizing that have too much junk in their home, they don’t use, didn’t know they had it, won’t ever use it the future or it doesn’t #sparkjoy! Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE that show & it absolutely bring me so much joy, because a professional organizer is more than buying pretty bins and showcasing Instagram worthy photos, its life-changing.

Think about it for a moment, let’s picture your home where there is a ‘home’ for everything, it’s organized, you & other members of your household know where things are AND you possess items that only bring you joy, you have balance. If that was the case, don’t you think you would feel emotionally better? You wouldn’t be running around the house looking for lost crap! Your shoulders would have such a huge weight lifted off them! You would begin and end each day with clarity. Of course you would because all of that sounds amazing and thats what we strive for when we create a ‘home’ with loved ones. Your environment plays a vital role in how you act, think and behave. So its time people, don’t push off getting your space organized, time to make a change for the better.

If you or anyone you know that can benefit from my 1:1 approach of #homeorganizing, please reach out to my directly at 760.571.9292 or @balancehomeorganizing on social media.

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