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Why hire a Professional Organizer? Part 1

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

For the next two blog posts I’m breaking this topic down into two parts. This post will outline the benefits of what a professional organizer does and how they help their clientele. Maybe your interested in hiring a Professional Organizer or after reading this you didn’t know that you’re actually in need of one. From my experience of direct feedback from my clients; organizing your home, even if its just one room, is life-changing. It not only affects your day-to-day, but communication with those who live under your roof. For this week let’s focus on two of the most common reasons why someone would hire my expertise to organize their home; no time & no energy.

Time is our most valuable resource, once its past, you can never gain back. We all live busy lives, demanding work schedules, errands, staying fit, eating well, children, the list is infinite of life’s responsibilities. What about your personal downtime, how do you spend it? HA, what an EASY question to answer! A majority of my client’s hire me because any and all free time they have, organizing is the last thing they want to be doing! What they really want is to relax, spend time with loved ones or go do something fun (even though I think organizing is really FUN!!)!

Procrastinating on getting your home organized is so easy, but have many long term affects. I believe, this is why people have junk closets, drawers, or sometimes rooms; its a catch all for the crap in your house that don’t have a ‘proper home’ to store. Usually these are the types of areas in your home that are “out of sight, out of mind” and in that case, it’s easy to forgot about it. Eventually there will be a day, where you will get fed up, too stressed or can’t fit anything else in there and you will then be forced to make a change. When that day arrives to make the change, thats where I come in, clients contact me to help begin the organizing and purging process. This is not to say thats the one and only reason WHY people contact me, as there are many reasons to call a Professional Organizer.

Its a physical and emotional toll to begin the organizing process, but very rewarding when you’re done. Like I mentioned before, life’s responsibilities consume so much energy and as humans who crave balance in our lives, we need to consciously choose where to spend that energy. A professional organizer is a unbiased and non judgmental person to assess your organizing challenges and goals. Once these challenges and goals are identified, the sorting, purging and organizing process is ready for take off.

If you or anyone you know that can benefit from my 1:1 approach of home organizing, please reach out to my directly at 760.571.9292 or email me at Megan@balancehomeorganizing.com

Stay tuned for next weeks post! 

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