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5 Steps to Prepare for a successful Garage sale

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

OK so you’re planning a garage sale! I know it sounds like so much work for such little return, right? Well NO, you’re wrong . . . I do mean that in the nicest way possible. If you prep, plan and execute you will not only, have fun and get more people to your driveway, but also make some money!! SO, here are my FIVE steps in getting you ready for your #garagesale!

1. Prepping & Purging

Designate an area in your home that will be your ‘garage sale pile’. That way when you start going through areas/rooms of your home, you are clear on where to put it for the time being and what you are going to sell. This is especially useful when you have multiple people under one household. You want to avoid mixing up the items you’re planning on selling vs. ones you want to keep. It takes time and effort to purge, sort and decide what you want to sell and/or keep, so do yourself a favor and don’t rush through this process. This will help avoid feeling rushed and getting your sale items together at the last minute or even the night before.

2. Labeling Prices

After you know all your items that will soon be for sale, label the price on each item. I purchased these labels at the #DollarStore. If its easier for you, block off a designated area, like a table, box or blanket on the ground and make a sign with price verses individual labels on each item. Why is this important . . . because you will be asked by every buyer, “how much does this cost?” or “what will you take for this?”, which is time consuming and difficult to answer each person, which may lead to lost sales.

3. Advertise in Community

A week before the sale, purchase signs (I bought at the Dollar Store) and place them on busy crossroads and heavy trafficked areas in your neighborhood. If you’re apart of a Neighborhood app, like Nextdoor or a community Facebook page, be sure to post there as well.

4. Supplies

Take inventory of tables, garment racks or blankets you may need for the morning of the sale. Cash out $100 at the bank in small bills, that way you will have change.

5. Rise & Shine Early Bird

People will be out and about ready to check out your sale AND if you’re not ready to go, they will move on to another one! Have everything out and ready to go by 6:30. If you’ve followed the first 4 steps above in prepping for the day, you’ll be in good shape! In that case, the morning of is just a matter of setting up the tables, #organize clothes & shoes by style, size and gender. You can never have too much #labeling! Whatever isn’t sold that say, be sure to drop off at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or Thrift Store.

Good luck and remember that someone else’s trash is another persons treasure!

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