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Organizing Your Holiday Decor

I’m sure you have many boxes of Holiday decor somewhere in your home, garage or storage unit, am I right?! Our advice to you, use this year as an opportunity to get organized! Not only will you be more prepared for next year & the years to come, but you may even free up some extra space in your home :-) Here are 5 tips to get you started!

Audit your decor:

How are you currently organizing your bins? Do you use everything you own? If not, is there a friend or relative that could bring new life to your unused or unloved items?

Purge while you decorate:

As you decorate, take this opportunity to set aside the items that are not your style, things you don’t enjoy anymore or simply don’t use. Make it a point to give them away to the appropriate people, so they can begin enjoying them right away!


Decorating for the Holidays is a weekend long event! Be sure to categorize each bin/box. Here are a few categories to consider; tree ornaments, garland, table decor, tree lights, outdoor lights, etc. There is no right or wrong way to ‘categorize’, whatever works with your lifestyle AND however you will remember.

Label, label, label:

Doesn’t matter if you have a label maker or not, use painters tape & a permanent marker! Label according to the categories you set for yourself in Step #4. You can even go as far as noting the exact contents in each bin/box.


Don’t throw your lights in a bin! Organize them, I know it may seem tempting at that moment but take the time NOW to organize them , so next season you can just focus on the joy of decorating instead of untangling lights!

A client of ours came up with a genius idea of using rolled up newspaper as a way wrap the lights around. Its free and always great to repurpose things :-)

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